At the present time we are assisting the children at Mark Twain Elementary.  Through our existing programs we are working on ways to expand our help to other schools and children in need.

MARK TWAIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is a K-5 public school located in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas. Its doors first opened to the community in 1923.  Over the years enrollment steadily increased, causing overcrowding.  The original school was torn down and a new one built in 2013. It is already at full capacity.

The school is unique in that all students live in the neighborhood and most walk to school.  The previous site did not have playground equipment, whereas the current facility has two playgrounds that are utilized and enjoyed by the surrounding neighborhoods.  Mark Twain is truly seen as a hub for the community.

The student body and community surrounding Mark Twain Elementary is diverse, largely consisting of a minority and immigrant population. Many of these families - some even political refugees - have come to the U.S. with very little and struggle daily to make ends meet, often finding it difficult to provide some of the most basic necessities. 100% of the students now qualify for free breakfast and lunch.

The diverse student body at Mark Twain includes children from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia, Nepal, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Thailand, and the United States. Their native languages include Burmese, Chin, Karen, Zomi, Spanish, Nepali, Lao, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, and English.


Diversity of Mark Twain's Students